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This is me.
I am me.
I don't know what me is.
Me is me.
I don't know me.
Who am I?

I wake up.
And I think.
Well, I don't, but you don't know that.
Well, you do now.

I think.
When I feel me.
About stuff.
About life.
Is this life?

We are all dying, which is true but a little pessimistic.
Every second you live every time you smile every time you see anything, you get closer to dying.

We live, we die. What is the meaning of life?
To have fun, to live, to see stuff.
Oh look it's a glass, either half full or half empty.
Apparently, it tells you how you look at life.
Ask me?
'It depends'
'It depends, *GANGNAM STYLE JUST CAME ON YAY ITUNES :la:* on whether it has been filled half way...
Or filled fully then half drank.

Why am I writing this? I got inspired by Viva la Vidi, because I love it, but my Mum says stuff about it.
Which I don't like.
And I listened to it, and I
But now Gangnam has changed me.

This is gonna get a different feel. But NOW gangnam is close to the end.
Oh well.

It's over now.
Skype is beeping.
But not yet.
I feel like this is gonna go on for ever.
I want you, the reader, to know.

That life, is life.
If you live to 69, you can see how mature you are.
But... I can sense it.
The future.
I love Doctor Who so much, I need to stop obsessing on it
This is it.
This is me.
And all of you? You wanna know me? Then find me. In real life. I am so

I don't know...
SaphireKitten Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me im me,
im a kitten,
im made of sapphire,
Important sounding words
Less important sounding words
VERY important sounding words
*insert cleverness here*
Fezzes are cool
That is all.
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November 26, 2012
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